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Rachel Ballesteros Velez

Rachel Ballesteros Velez

Raina Whiting is an amazing teacher and friend....she is passionate about her students and her community and always goes above and beyond for what she believes in....she loves what she does whether it's writing grants for her students, farming and community outreach for her community...she is well loved by all her students and parents and I am sure you'll love her too...I am proud to endorse Raina Whiting....she will do great things for Ka'u....

Bernie Sanders Endorsement

Our Revolution

with Bernie Sanders' Endorsement

We support Raina Whiting for State House District 3. Raina's commitment to the people in her district, firm stance on economic opportunity and our precious environment makes Raina the best candidate for the job. Raina is already a humble leader in the Democratic party and will bring more to her district than has ever been possible in the past.

Maureen Datta

“I endorse Raina Whiting because she is smart and she has experienced our Hawaii State Legislative protocol and understands how be be effective, she is an active member of Hawaii Farmers Union United, a dedicated Masters-level kindergarten teacher and she will thoroughly research issues that are important to her constituents. Raina comports herself as a capable relationship-builder and will be a champion for her region.”

John D’Amato

“I support Raina Whiting because she’s passionate, committed to democratic principles, and smart.”

Tanya Aynessazian

“I support Raina because she is a critical thinker with a compassionate heart. She takes the time to understand the issues from various points of view. Ultimately, she cares about people, the 'aina and social justice.”

Michael Pusch

Common sense and she stands with real values .! And she obviously genuinely cares.

Michael Pusch

“Common sense and she stands with real values .! And she obviously genuinely cares.”


I endorse Raina Whiting because she is intelligent and kind. There is something special about Raina that represents what the new era is going towards and since she graduated from John's Hopkins I assume she could be rich doing anything she likes but she chose to be a teacher. Says a lot.

Shelly Badua

We need a strong-willed educator in the State House...Please Vote for Raina Whiting

John D’Amato

I support Raina Whiting because she’s passionate, committed to democratic principles, and smart.

Wayne Whiteside


Caroline Amelse

Caroline Amelse

Raina is committed to ethical politics, which is a rare find these days.

Christin Roberson

I support Raina Whiting because as a kindergarten educator, she has the perspective to not only think of the adults she represents but also children who are the future of Hawaii.

Lisa Andrews

She is sharp and passionate about all the issues that I care deeply about. Young and energetic, I believe in her, as do her students and community. I believe given the chance, Raina will make impress us all with what good she will do for her community, the island, and beyond.



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